The Catholic University of America

 Virtual Space Mapping


The objective of this project is to create an augmented reality system. The system will allow the user to introduce virtual objects into a physical environment and to simulate the interactions between the two. There are many applications for this type of system in areas of industrial training, entertainment, and advertising. For example where training might be an expensive endeavor, this system could reduce the costs of training while allowing for portability. To our knowledge, this kind of system has not been robustly implemented using open source, easily obtainable, and low cost components. The hardware for this project consists entirely of off-the-shelf materials and custom parts that can be easily manufactured at home or on a 3D printer. Specifically, this project requires Kinect sensors, an Oculus Rift headset, and two generic RGB cameras to create the augmented reality platform. The Xbox SDK and Unity/Oculus SDKs will also be used for software development. As part of the contributions of this project, all of the source code generated as part of this project will also be contributed to the open source community surrounding the Oculus Rift. Multiple problems will have to be solved to allow all of these