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 Spectrum Management

Cognitive computing technology has provided expert assistance to a lot of different professionals (doctors of medicine, entrepreneurs, scientists, to name just a few). It is predicted to be a gradual substitution for human labor in the future. IBM’s Watson is a pioneer of this field. Famous from being the Grand Champion of the popular TV game show Jeopardy!, Watson wows the game show’s viewers with its abilities to comprehend natural language, process information, analyze, and give accurate answers to the given questions along with its level of confidence in real time.

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 The main objective of this project is to take advantage of IBM’s Watson computer and use it for spectrum management purposes. We will be working with Watson by feeding it relevant information and teaching it how to approach technical problems and to understand technical terms. Mistakes will take place; therefore, consistent training is required. To make it easy for end users, an Android application to interface with Watson will be written. It is going to be Q&A-based. Watson will be used to answer users’ questions on spectrum management and its related fields. The application will exploit some of the tools in an Android phone itself (time, location, weather…) in order to further assist Watson and its reasoning process. Government’s public applications (toolboxes) that are congruous with spectrum management will also be made the most of. Additionally, the application will monitor and record Watson's responses and confidence level in order to analyze how Watson's knowledge increases over time. The application will also keep track of how well Watson responds to a certain phrasing and suggest ways to rephrase a query to receive a better answer and confidence level from Watson. In order to make the app more user-friendly, we would like to add both text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities to the application.