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Rice Cooker Robot

Description: Description: C:\Users\Max\Dropbox\EECS Hallway Display\Student Projects\Senior Design\RiceCooker\1428101798513.jpg A rice-cooking-robot is designed to provide college students the nutritional essentials to maintain a balanced diet. The rice- cooking-robot features a wifi module that receives information from a cellular application: indicating the quantity of rice to be cooked. The project aims at writing an application for the Android platform. Features of the program include: quantity of rice to be cooked and status of each ingredient and the status of the rice. Each of the containers has sensors alerting the rice and water levels. Should the amount of rice be inadequate in cooking the designated amount; the robot will relay a message to the cellular device. The same case is applied when the rice is finished cooking. This design project considers both a mechanical and an electrical engineering component. The frame, pulleys, water pumps and servos constitute a mechanical aspect while programming the Arduino, crafting an application and analyzing the circuitry pertains to an electrical point of view. Because communicating with the robot is wireless, the robot is valuable for cooking rice at a long distance without the presence of any individual.