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Interactive Department Display 

Description: Description: C:\Users\Max\Dropbox\EECS Hallway Display\Student Projects\Senior Design\RiceCooker\1428101798513.jpg Our project aims to create an interactive display for the EECS department in order to make it more welcoming as well as showcase student and faculty projects more easily. Design setup is accomplished by encasing a large screen, a computer, and a Kinect in a display on the second floor of Pangborn Hall. This project is divided into two main tasks: (1) Make the screen interactive by connecting it with a portable computer and a Windows Kinect camera that interprets gestures of users, and (2) create a user friendly application that contains information from the EECS website and other locations. All information is updated through files stored in Dropbox and controlled by the EECS office. Small games are included to make the display beyond simply informational. The Kinect camera is programmed to recognize a user’s hand, replacing mouse input while emitting equivalent hardware events, enabling the user to remotely control the display in a manner transparent to the OS. The programming for the Kinect is accomplished using the Kinect open source API and C#; the user friendly application is written using JavaFX Scene Builder to aid in the GUI creation Java for the back end functions.